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For all grade levels, Kimberly Jane Simms (Ms. KJ ) has strategies to take poetry across the curriculum, which adhere to standards, engage kinetic learners, and are reproducible. Ms. KJ integrates poetry into language arts, science, social studies, and related arts. Activities that utilize focus, movement, writing process, visual mapping, worksheets, performance, and/or are included.

Her activities include:

  • Poetry Slams & Battles
  • Dramatic Monologues & Personae
  • Recursive Writing Process
  • Visual Journals

Ms. KJ is a strong believer in true artist/teacher collaboration and will adapt her programs to suit teacher/student needs. Ms. KJ also has experience with unique student populations including low income and special education.

Ms. KJ has a masters in English and has been published extensively in anthologies, literary journals, and online. She is on the Executive Council of the national organization Poetry Slam Inc., and Ms. KJ is director of Wits End Poetry, a local non-profit.