Introduction to Poetry.

3rd Grade. 4 sessions for 2 hours each.


Overview: This unit took place at a SC Title I school in West Greenville, SC. The unit focused heavily on performance to teach the basics of poetry to kinetic learners, as applicable to the PACT test. I am a strong believer in creating lesson plans with heavy frontloading and activities that build day to day.


Day 1.


  1. Brief Introduction to Ms KJ, make name tags, and KWL brainstorming
  2. Performance of Dippy Dragon: performance, voice level, imagery, and alliteration
  3. Poem Doodle Exercise: comprehension, sensory imagery, warm-up
  4. Group Poetry Mime Exercise: performance, movement
  5. Shoulder Tap Teamwork Reinforcement Activity
  6. Group Poetry Performance Activity: performance, voice levels
  7. Reflection


Day 2.


  1. Review through KWL brainstorming
  2. Syllable name game: teaches students how to count syllables
  3. Syllable beat game: reading fluency, focus, and syllables
  4. Write and perform Group Syllabic Poem: rhyming, syllables, alliteration
  5. Individual Syllabic Animal Poems writing: rhyming, syllables, alliteration
  6. Review performance and share poems
  7. Reflection


Day 3.


  1. Review through KWL brainstorming
  2. Revision of Syllabic Animal Poems: alliteration, verb choice, spelling, refrain
  3. Word Painting with Dippy Dragon: rate, volume, inflection, rests
  4. Movement Circle with Syllabic Animal Poems: rate, volume, inflection, rests
  5. Team Animal Poem: Teamwork, Scripting, Choreography
  6. Reflection


Day 4.


  1. Review through KWL brainstorming
  2. Team Animal Poem Practice
  3. Poetry Slam
  4. Reflection